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Soulmate - Fact or Fiction

I know many people that are already married, or divorced, or single. It doesn't help me much with my own quest to know these people. Just as a job would be scary to get, getting married and falling in love would be scary for people. I am sure there are many people that never get married and is it by chance that they don't get married. When someone gets a divorce is it by chance that they don't ever get re-married. There is a reason behind why people don't get re-married or even married in the first place. Is it because they don't want to ever get married? Some people may say this, but it seems hardly believable. I remember talking to an older guy about this, and he was divorced. First he said he doesn't want to get married again, and then he later stated that he would get married if he met the right person. He may be setting his expectations too high. Meeting the "right person" might just be a figment of his imagination. If he would have said, I would like to get married when I meet a nice woman, this would be a more easy feat to accomplish. If you never worked in your life, and you kept saying to your family, I'll get a job, when I find the right job, years passes by, and you never find the Right job. Surely you would be out on the streets before that.

By chance or by love. This is a very difficult topic to right, and explain it as a science, but it is not like a science at all. When you are around someone you like, and they like you, and you both get feeling that you like each other, it's hard to describe this feeling.

There is many people that believe there is just one person for you. There are other people that believe there are many people that may qualify for a long lasting love. What are the chances of finding your "soul mate" with millions of people. You may think it will take a life time to find this person. You may give up hope, and think that it's a quite impossible goal. Only through a miracle will you meet this person. You may find yourself settling for someone that you get along with enough, but does not qualify as true love.

I'm not sure what I believe yet. I would like to believe that there is a soul mate for each person. That a miracle will happen and I will find this person. If you are ready in life to get married, and are seeking this, you must look at everyone as friends, and forget about looking for this one person. For truly, it will take a miracle to meet this person. If you go through life, and are never social to anyone, it will be extremely difficult to come across this person.

You could also believe that there are many people out there that could make you happy. It's just a matter of time, before you run into one of them. After all, there are many people out there that would make great friends, that are similar to you and are extremely nice people. It's really up to you, how you look at it.

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