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How to Get in Search Results in Ten Days

Did you know that Pod cast was the Word of the Year 2005? Let's create a blog and post the first post about Pod cast.Let's give a Title, Description all based on the keyword, Pod cast.

For example:

The Title can be Pod cast in sarasota Florida. The Description can be Pod cast in Sarasota Florida. Helping small businesses in Sarasota thru Pod casting.

Anyone can create a Blog but to get into search results you have to have both incoming and outgoing links. So from a popular Website let's give a link to the Sarasota Pod cast Blog and from the Sarasota Pod cast, let's gave a link back to the website. This website should already be indexed and ranked pretty well for some of the keywords.

The Keyword Optimized was Sarasota Pod cast. If you type the key phrase Sarasota Pod cast,Number 1 will be that blog which we created for that specific keyword. If you notice the results you will see the cached date on December 20 2005. Simple.

So how can your website or blog get into Search results?

Follow some of the simple guidelines.
Have some links from well ranking website.
Have a good Title.
Have a good Description.
Post a related story or article about the keyword.
Update the Blog or website regularly.
Give information to the visitors and search engines.
Submit your website or Blog to search engines, directories.
Tweak the copy.

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