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Step Family & Remarriage - What Not to Do When Youre Ex-Spouse Begins Dating

Step families are rarely depicted in an honest way on TV or in the movies, ie. the Brady Bunch (give me a break). I was watching the movie "Step Mom" again the other day and realized there are several lessons to be learned from that movie. It's one of the most realistic accounts of the creation of a step family that Hollywood has put out. I encourage you to watch it if you've never seen it.

I want to focus on the most touching line for me in the movie. Susan Sarandon plays the biological mother to 2 children. She and their father have been divorced for awhile. He now has a serious live in girlfriend played by Julia Roberts. Sarandon is very threatened by Roberts' participation in the children's lives.

She doesn't handle this well and spends a lot of time making nasty comments about Roberts to her ex-husband and to her children. As time goes on and the kids get to know Roberts better, they start to like her - not as another mother - but just for who she is. In one scene, Sarandon continues to bash Roberts to her children. Her young son looks at her and says, "I'll hate her mommy, if you want me to."

Fortunately, Sarandon recognizes the harm she's causing her kids as a result of her comments and realizes the loyalty bind she's been putting her children through. But what about you?

I'm sure many of you have probably been in Roberts' shoes and had to deal or are currently dealing with a vindictive ex-spouse. But for today I want you to focus on what you may have done that's more like Sarandon's character.

Sarandon wasn't a bad person. She loved her children deeply and was a good parent. She was just hurt from the divorce and feared that Roberts may be seen as more fun, causing her children to prefer Roberts over her. Nevertheless, her negative comments and lack of anything positive to say about her ex-husband and his girlfriend were hurting her children.

Hurting people, hurt people. It's important to be able to move past the anger and hurt you feel from a divorce in order to lead a happy life. We're lousy parents and absolutely awful relationship partners when we're still caught up in emotions over a relationship that has ended.

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