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Top 3 Cheating Spouse Signs

It's one of the most difficult things that you will ever have to go through, it might come upon you as a surprise, or it may come on slowly on the tail end of a bad relationship. If you suspect that you are the victim of infidelity but you just aren't sure there are some typical ways that you can tell. Often a cheater will leave the same bread crumbs as thousands of cheaters that have gone before them. It is always amazing to me that the signs are the same, but there they are, every time. If you suspect that you married to a cheater, here are 3 of the top cheating spouse signs and how you can pick up on them.

The top cheating spouse is actually one that has come onto the scene recently. Since the onset of cell phones and personal computers they have become one of the top cheating spouse signs. If you notice that your spouse is becoming overly protective of their cell phone, or if they start staying up late and being sneaky on the computer, this could be one of the top signs of a cheating spouse.

Another sign is that the cheater will suddenly take an interest in the way that they look. Now there isn't anything wrong with trying to look better, but if they are doing things that are totally out of character, such as changing the type of underwear that they prefer, then this could be one of the classic cheating spouse signs.

Still another sign of a cheating spouse is that they will start to treat you and the family differently. At first they may show you more affection in order to make up for any infidelity on their part, but eventually they will distance themselves from you and perhaps even begin to treat you harshly and their conscience becomes harder.

There are many signs of a cheating spouse, but these 3 certainly are the top ones that we have come across. By knowing for sure, and having plenty of evidence of any infidelity you will be in a much better position to confront them with it.

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