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The Reasons that Cause a Person to Procrastinate

There are many reasons which will cause a person to procrastinate and this has now become a very big problem for many people today. Although we all procrastinate a little during our life times for some this may be a major problem. For those who really have problems when it comes to procrastination will often find that they are unable to get any work done. However, we take a look at some of the different reasons why a person may procrastinate.

Therefore by understanding what actually causes a person to procrastinate will then help them to identify the next time that they start to procrastinate themselves. By being able to identify the problem then a person is able to work on ways to prevent and combat it happening in the future.

Reason 1 – They believe that the task is difficult to accomplish.

Often when a person believes that a particular task is going to be difficult to do, then they will find ways of convincing themselves that they should not in fact do it. Instead what they will do instead is look for a task that they find much easier to deal with and accomplish. This is probably the most common reason as to why a person will procrastinate. Therefore next time you find yourself having a difficult task to complete take a close look at the ways in which your mind is trying to convince you to not do it and go and something else instead.

Reason 2 – They believe that they are wasting too much time on the task

If you are someone who thinks that the task you have been set is going to waste or take up too much of your time, you may well try to find ways of avoiding doing it. Often you will look for other tasks that you can do which are much quicker and simpler to complete and avoid doing the task that has been set for you completely. But rather than looking at the task as a whole item try and break it down into much smaller bits which you can complete in a very short space of time instead.

Reason 3 – They believe that they do not have sufficient knowledge or skills for carrying out the task

Often a person will begin to procrastinate over a task if they feel that they do not have the requisite skills or knowledge because they are worried that they are going to be making mistakes. These types of people will often convince themselves therefore that they need to learn more before they actually try to complete the task. The only real way to combat this type of procrastination problem is by telling yourself that “the task is easy to do and that they can do it”.

Certainly by learning what is causing you to procrastinate you will then be able to learn ways of helping to combat it.

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