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Interpersonal Skills - 6 Ways To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Unknown Heights

According to business world, one of the most important elements that could help you get there is interpersonal communication skills. There is no doubt left today that people who have these skills make it big. Now, some are born with these skills from birth. Meaning, some people can just handle other people better than the rest. But if a person like this is intimidating you, have no fear. Where some are blessed with this talent, others can acquire it over time. We need to mention here that we all have our gifts in good measure.

Here are a few tips to help you increase interpersonal skills:

A. Get over yourself: If there is one thing that stops us from growing as persons it may well be the ego. We are not always right, and we never do like hearing from another that we are wrong. We need to keep our egos well in check, so that we do not miss out on the constructive criticism as an insult to our ego. Once we have this done there is little to stop us from getting ahead in life.

B. Get to understand others: We know this is not easy, especially when someone is trying to get you to look bad. But do try and put your own self into the shoes of the other. There is much to be learned from this.

C. Listen more than you hear: How often do we see people fighting their verbal selves to be able to be heard at the table? Let us choose to be one among those who listen, and not just hear. Even an animal can hear. A human should be able to hear, understand and respond to other humans around.

D. Understand that people actually listen to you sometimes: Do not just talk for the sake of talking, don't ever do that. Empty words never did do any good to any body.

E. Non-verbal: Did you know you could hurt some body simply by making the wrong gesture? It may seem a little far fetched at first, but you can very well hurt someone by shrugging off their remarks. Let us try to be respective to all through our body language.

F. Practice is everything: Just as with all other things, working on your interpersonal skills calls for a bit of practice. Trying to be polite to your very close friends and to family is a great place to start.

Once you put your mind to improving your interpersonal skills that is half the battle won, and you will soon see your relationships getting better over time.

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