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Speed Dating

Ever heard of speed dating? Neither have I, until my friend told me she attended a session. She met two very interesting men in one night, and now has two dates back to back.

Speed dating attendees sit and chat with potential dates to see whether there is any chemistry. Potential couples talk, giggle, make mental notes on whether they’re interested in the person until a buzzer goes off indicating that it is time to chat with another person. It’s kind of like musical chairs, only better. The question I have is how can you possibly get to know someone in a few minutes, while under pressure. It may not be for singles who do not like to be the center of attention or people who are shy.

Online dating is similar to speed dating in that members browse through potential dates, only this is done online. There is also no time restrictions with online dating, users take their own time getting to know someone, no pressure to perform. Speed dating and online dating are the newest ways to meet other people, give it a try sometime. One of them may work for you, if you are single and looking.

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