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Re-employing the Laid Off Middle Class and Middle Aged

Although the unemployment rate in the United States of America is down around 4.7%, which is by far the lowest it has ever been in our nation we still have a problem with layoffs in large corporations, which is affecting the middle class. Many of these people being laid off are middle-aged and that means it might be tough for them to get jobs that are equal to their current employment.

Therefore they will see a decline in their standard of living and quality-of-life. This is upsetting because it goes against what America stands for. For instance, we always tell the next up-and-coming generation that if you work hard, do the right thing and go to college you can get a job, which will take care of you through your life.

Unfortunately we see now that is not the case and it is quite disturbing to many folks who may in fact lose their home and have to file bankruptcy. The average consumer is 150% of annual income in short-term debt. Meaning the chances of them getting out from behind a rock and a hard place it there in now in the case of a layoff will be difficult if not impossible.

The United States of America must concentrate on reemploying the laid-off middle class and middle aged in this nation. This is because people will be living longer and thus will have to work longer in life to sustain their retirement in the future. We have issues and challenges ahead with American jobs that we must address now. Please consider all this in 2006.

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