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Just Back Off - One Of The Best Ways To Save A Marriage

We have all had that friend or workmate who thinks they are always right. They will argue their point no matter what the subject is until they suffocate you.

What eventually happens with this person? You eventually find that you can not stand to be around them and look for ways to get away. The same thing can happen in a marriage. One person's refusal to ever just back down can send your mate running and then you will find yourself looking for ways to save a marriage.

Of course spending time together talking is critical to the success of marriage. However, a smart couple knows that insisting on making their point is not the same as talking.

Everyone involved in any relationship and certainly in a marriage has an obligation to consider the other person's feelings and opinions however they are still entitled to have their own. And a successful marriage mate will understand that and allow their mate the room and freedom they need not only to have those feelings and opinion but to freely express them.

Sometimes you will see what looks like to the outsider people changing to save a marriage. What you are most likely really seeing is someone who values their marriage and is doing everything they can to make it successful.

After all, think of the chick flicks that you have seen. What happens? There always seems to be two people that argue about everything and in the end they end up falling in love. How does that happen? Invariably, at some point during the movie they stopped insisting on their own way and their own opinion and begin listening to the other person.

And what happens? The movie ends with these same two people that were fighting an hour earlier now madly in love. Of course, it only happens perfectly in the movies, the point is though that you are seeing are people changing to save a marriage.

If you can learn the value of just backing down when an argument starts especially one that really involves nothing more than a difference of opinion, you will not only see a vast improvement in the quality of your marriage, you will never find yourself searching on the internet with ways to save a marriage.

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