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How to Make a Simple Robot

Robots, such as humanoids robot perform like humans and can do things humans do. However, if you are starting out making your first robot, do not think of the complicated, high technology and functional robot. Simple robot will need two wheels and the ability to move forward, move backward, move left and move right. This is the simplest robot you can do, enough to help you learn the basics. Hopefully, through your mistakes in your first robot, you can develop your second robot with more functionality.

What you need in making a simple robot?

Money - of course you will need money in making your own robot because you cannot create your own parts by now.

Design plan - again, do not think of a highly complicated design, simple robot needs to be able to move forward, backward and side ways.

Wheel, this will move the robot.

Motor, preferably battery operated motor

Power, the choice of battery is important.

Cool circuit thingy.

Steps in making a simple robot

  1. Take the design and list the parts, tools and equipment you need.

  2. Find a suitable place to make your robot, this will ensure that you have all you need in one place.

  3. Follow the algorithm for a robot:

    1. Forward, both wheels need to move at the same speed.

    2. Backward, both wheels need to move at the same speed as well.

    3. To move left, left wheel moves reverse and the right wheel moves forward

    4. To move right, right wheel move reverse and the left wheel moves forward.

  4. Attach the wheel; 3" wheel is the best because it will move the robot faster.

  5. Attach the motor; the program will calculate gearing ratios, desired terrain, desired velocity and acceleration, voltage, power consumption and controllability.

  6. Attach the battery to the motor; NiMH is the recommended battery for your motor.

  7. Finally, the cool circuit thingy. Buy one that is already assembled, do not experiment on this one, you may do it on your second robot.

  8. Test, test and test.

Making a robot is not easy; you therefore need a goal to finish the project. Joining robotics competition will help you move forward in your goal. If you do not win, no problem, redesign your robot and join again. It will give you the motivation to finish your robot.

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