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Marriage Proposal Ideas - Why Its Important To Find A Really Good Way To Propose?

A marriage proposal is something which should come only once in a lifetime. But even if it happens more than once, it is still a monumental occasion. Women dream their entire life about what their proposal would be like, they can paint a picture of what it would be like to the smallest detail. Because of this, a woman who gets a boring or mundane is gravely disappointed.

Any woman who is proposed to by the man she loves is naturally happy, yet, according to surveys, over 80% of women reported that their proposal was far from exciting and that they were disappointed (It is nice to note that many men were proposed to as well, and reported similar emotions). It is also known that often the nature of the proposal influences the response you get. In simple english: if your proposal is original and exciting, you're more likely to receive a positive answer on the spot.

Why is it important to make your proposal a great one?

If you don't want to let your love down, if you don't want her to be disappointed, if you want that she'll remember your proposal for the rest of her life, you have to make your proposal special. Furthermore, a great proposal reduces the chance that your life will develop cold feet during your engagement period.

A proposal marks the beginning of a new stage in your life as a couple. You have to make sure that it serves as the most beautiful prologue to your marriage.

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