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Interview for Dragon Lady author Cinda Anderson

Today we are talking with Cinda Anderson, author of novel “Dragon Lady.” This bawdy novel is about an older woman, in spite of her doubts, searches for love and Mr. Right.

Juanita: Thank you for talking with us today Cinda. Please tell us, in your words, the story of Dragon Lady.

Cinda: Patricia was created so that readers could have some good giggles about her search for love.

Juanita: What inspired you to write Dragon Lady?

Cinda: I needed a break from more serious work. I felt like having some bawdy fun with a character who has sexual thoughts and fantasies as good as a man.

Juanita: How does Patricia, even with all her doubts, still manage to stay positive and have fun in her search for love?

Cinda: She has a quirky mind that is always focused on the next turn of the road. Her only true doubt is whether there is a dragon match for her in life.

Juanita: What life lesson/s does Patricia have to teach your readers?

Cinda: Have fun on the quest for love and acceptance.

Juanita: Who is the reading audience for Dragon Lady?

Cinda: This book is written for a general adult audience, both males and females have enjoyed advance readings. It's a good beach book.

Juanita: Is there any of you in lead character Patricia?

Cinda: I would deny it, but friends will disagree.

Juanita: How about any of the other characters, are they based on anyone you know?

Cinda: Some of the events in Patricia's life are based on fact. Others are pure fiction, a high school buddy inspired her family life.

Juanita: Give us a little history on your writing career?

Cinda: Dragon Lady is my third book. My other books in print are : "Voices of the Great Depression - The 1930's", "For the Deer Childrun", and "Observations of an Idiot".

Juanita: What is your inspiration and purpose for writing?

Cinda: I am inspired daily to write people's stories that need to be told, and to impact society in a positive way.

Juanita Watson is the Assistant Editor for Reader Views. http://www.readerviews.com

Source: www.articledashboard.com