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Age of Aquarius: Dawn or Sunset ?

“Humanity today faces two possibilities: collective suicide or the biggest spiritual awakening that the world has ever known.” This was the way Osho - one of the greatest masters of the modern world – spoke, following the thoughts of those philosophers and scientists of the past, which just like him, observed the dawn of the third millennium.

Today we realize the daily slow agony that humanity inflicts on itself and how what could have been the “great awakening” is actually becoming a new anaesthetic, this time with the brand of the “new age”.

Even most of the people who, animated by their own expectations of the Age of Aquarius, have created new spiritual currents or social experimentations got stuck in the sterile dialectic of the politics or of the usual market economy, often at the price of naïve people, to the advantages of the new “gurus” which are smart enough to make a point of how they do not want to be called that way…

What is left besides the religious and lay fanaticism, and besides the indifferent consumers, which are used and addicted? What remains besides the illusion, after that another potentially authentic spiritual feeling has been betrayed, led astray, and exploited?

However, there is still someone who doesn’t want to stop believing, having faith, and insisting.

With Will and Love.

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