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Interracial Dating - The Compatibility Issue

Do you see yourself dating a person of a different race? Or better yet, do you prefer to be with somebody with a skin color or race that is different than your own? Interracial dating can produce varied reactions from different people. Some people think it's okay, others would just shrug and say they don't care and there are some who are totally open to the idea, to the extent of signing up with an interracial dating site to see some action.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Dating a person of the different race could bring up some concerns. The biggest of which is of course, compatibility, and there is some legitimacy to this. If you date somebody who is brought up in an entirely different culture, neighborhood, and values, you may see big differences that would leave you asking: Is the relationship worth it?

However, dating somebody of the same race doesn't guarantee you this compatibility outright. The only advantage of you choosing within your own race is that you, more or less, know the outlook and philosophy of the person you're dating. But that doesn't guarantee your understanding of him or her inside and out either.

The point here is this: regardless of whom you date, there will always be compatibility issues arising. The main reason why you're dating is because you two want to know more about each other. You both wanted to see if pursuing the relationship is at all worth it.

So the issue isn't whether or not you should find a mate that belongs to the same race as you. The issue is to find that person who you are most compatible with, love deeply, and possibly, live the rest of your life with. He or she might belong to an entirely different community. By opening yourself up to interracial dating, you are being given the opportunity to experience just how truly unique we humans are. Who knows, maybe that is all you need to really find that one special person you are searching for.

Jim Grafiti is the owner and operator of one of the world's number one interracial dating sites.

Jim's goal is to increase awareness of interracial dating online and help singles meet up with their dream match.

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