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Take Advantage of Opportunities to Meet Single Women

This week I want to focus on opportunities to meet new single women. If you will just open your eyes, you will see numerous opportunities to pursue women.

Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of those precious opportunities:

1. Will every opportunity to meet single women be successful? No, but when you develop the attitude of refusing to allow temporary setbacks to defeat you, you have what it takes to successfully meet and attract women. Persistence always prevails in the end when it comes to scoring with women.

2. Never, never wait for something to happen to help you meet women - You make it happen! You take action! Always be prepared to take action when you see an opportunity to meet girls. You will be amazed at how your luck will change when you have this mindset.

3. Success with women always involves risks. You must take that chance in approaching women. Doesn't let shyness or fear of rejection holds you back. Go for it! You can do it! You must actively seek opportunities to make a love connection!

4. This last tip is the most important one of all: You've got to be prepared to act as soon as you recognize opportunities to meet single women. Don't put it off. Approach all those hot and sexy honeys as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

In closing, I know this has probably happened to you. You see this gorgeous babe you'd love to get to know better, but you can't get up your nerve to approach her. Then she disappears and you could kick yourself in the ass for not having the balls to approach her.

Well, don't let this happen again. Make a personal commitment that from now on when you see a woman that you'd love to meet, you will take action and meet her. No more procrastination!

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