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Earths Crammed With Heaven

The title of this article is from an excerpt from an Elizabeth Barret Browning poem. And the point she makes is so true, that I figured an article should be written about it. Earth is in fact crammed with heaven and most of us never notice it. We think of heaven as a place that we may someday "get", when in fact heaven is all around us. In my estimation, we as human beings have misinterpreted much of what our greatest spiritual texts are telling us. Some poets, such as Mrs. Browning saw what we all should see.

Who can honestly look at their young child and not see heaven? Once they become older and start cussing you out it becomes a bit more difficult, but when they were young, didn't you see heaven in them? What about the sun rising on a clear, cool morning? Or standing next to a flowing river. If you stand next to a flowing river, and close your eyes, what happens? Heaven can be seen with your eyes closed.

We all need to notice the fact that heaven is all around us, that earth is in fact 'crammed with heaven'. As we go through are daily lives, and all of the seemingly mundane things come our way, simply stopping and noticing a little piece of heaven (such as a bird singing) can put things in perspective. Aren't we supposed to notice things like a bird singing? Is the song of that bird trying to tell us something? In many ways, that bird, that we tend not to even notice most of the time, is singing directly to us. Trying to remind us that this is heaven, this earth that we all live on is heaven.

Have you ever considered such a thing? That maybe heaven and earth are one in the same, and therefore heaven and hell are right here right now? This earth can be heaven or hell, depending on choices that we make within ourselves, everyday of our lives. Maybe that's the point. Honestly, what do you think Jesus was referring to when he said that the kingdom of heaven was within? He made it pretty clear, yet we as humans misinterpret that phrase to mean something completely different.

The great poets and writers, such as Elizabeth Barret Browning, wrote what the felt in their soul, and revealed truths to all of us such as earth being crammed with heaven. No matter what your beliefs might be about a particular faith or religion, the fact is that we would all be better off if we remembered that earth is in fact, crammed with heaven.

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