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Why You Require Marriage License

If two of you decide to take your dating relationship to the next level - marriage, you need to check the local requirement to obtain marriage license. Apart from government permission, you will also need love, financial stability, communication and constructive problem solving skills, fidelity. Do not forget emotional and passion in your marriage which are more important for the success of your marriage.

Marriage License is necessary for various reasons. Marriage license proves that legally both of you can marry and also it prevents you to get into marriage as a sudden emotional outburst. This is by and large valid in most US states.

You should know that marriage license is a matter of public record. Your request needs to be published in a newspaper. It ensures that all information you submitted was true, and if you lied about your marital state when you applied for your marriage license, someone can step forward. A copy of your marriage license will be stored in your county courthouse indefinitely. Marriage license proves that you got legal approval that you are free to marry, have obtained divorce or widowhood papers if necessary, are of legal age. Marriage license can be collected from City Hall or the marriage license bureau.

Marriage license can be used for various purposes... Many private detectives can find out information about you and your history by going to a courthouse and requesting a copy of your license. This may not lead someone directly to you, but it can supply him or her with your married name if they donít know what it is, and can give them a lead as to where you may be living.

Your marriage license may also be used by future generations if they are trying to put together their family tree. For genealogists, the marriage license is a great way to find lost ancestors, and to find out whom they married and where they lived. This might give them clues that they may have not been able to find otherwise. You may be able to find lists of old marriage licenses online, but in most cases, you will have to go to the courthouse to get one.

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