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Why Everybody Loves Famous Ice Hockey Quotes

Every day when I read the hockey section in the newspaper I am looking for funny ice hockey quotes that are worth remembering. There actually are not anything funnier for a NHL fan than to tell his friends the latest hockey quotes.

One day the sayings you told your friends might become one of the most famous hockey quotes in history of the game.

I know that people sometimes consider me to be quite odd in some areas of life (maybe because I love hockey so much), but when it comes to me liking famous ice hockey quotes I know that I am not odd.

Thousand of other hockey fans are enjoying sayings as well. My buddies love them and many newspaper actually list the most weird and famous quotes on the pages.

The fact that others are enjoying quotes too is proof enough for me that this is not a weird habit of mine. I am just a simple and ordinary ice hockey fan.

So, what is it that makes hockey quotes so great and why do we love them so much?

I think that the reason ice hockey fans love famous quotes is because all sayings somehow have a lot of truth in them. They also help us understand the game and often include some small kind of wisdom as well.

Many hockey quotes are quite stupid as well, I know, but they also tell us a lot of things about the spirit of hockey. They tell us what hockey is all about.

One of my favourite famous ice hockey quotes has to be Gretzky saying:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.

This one tells so much about Gretzky. Everyone else whish they could play and think like The Great One, but nobody ever could. He made the game simply because he was the best.

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