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What Is The Deal With These Soulmate Calculators - Do They Work?

Is there a quick fix to finding the Soulmate youíve been searching for?

Thatís the question hot on everyoneís lips! Itís a great question and we desperately hope that the answer is yes because that would mean a swift end to our seemingly endless lonely nights. Well there is good news and bad news, the answer is yes and no!

Yes! There is a quick way to find your soul mate however it has very little to do with taking a five minute quiz or running both of your names through a soulmate calculator. It actually has more to do with you and unleashing the potential within you to attract your soul mate. Merely entering your name into a soulmate calculator program cannot tell you if there is lasting love around the corner. Human beings are complex creatures; we all have individual thoughts, feelings and personalities. We are much more complex than any computer program that has been developed and although computer programs may be good to tell us a bit about ourselves they certainly cannot predict the future.

The future is in your hands! You have a power to shape it and point your life in the direction you want to go. Freewill is a wonderful thing and you have it! Itís a gift Ė unwrap it and use it.

If you believe in yourself and you practice some simple self disciplines you can achieve your dreams in this life, including finding your soul mate. I said that there was a quick way to find your soul mate but I did not say that it would all be easy and would come you on a silver platter. Anything worth doing in life is worth doing well. If the achievement is not earned we do not value it as much. If we have to work hard we value the achievement and the prize.

Finding your soul mate requires some soul searching of your own. Are you comfortable with who you are? Where are you going in this life? What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve in the next 5-10 years? How are your family relationships? Have you dealt with baggage from the past that may hinder you in a future relationship? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

Have you taken time to search your soul for answers to these questions and more that will prepare you to enter into the relationship of your dreams with your soul mate? The key to success in life is focus, direction and a certainty of what we want and the fact that it is within our reach to grasp it.

The future is in your hands, what will you do with it?

Anita Rossow has a Bachelor Degree in Education and is passionate about seeing and helping people grow in all areas of their lives.

See her homepage at http://soulmatediscovery.com.

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