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Types of Marriage Counseling

Counseling helps couples to rediscover themselves and their love for each other. They arrive at this realization only after numerous counseling sessions. Family counseling or therapy is a method that deals with crisis situations when it is vital that the extended family comes together to support the couple undergoing the stress and strain. The problems in the marriage affect the family and the children. It is important for the counselor to advice the family so that they can deal with the stress with more understanding.

Couple counseling and psychotherapy is a method of counseling. This is the most important type of counseling as it involves the couple directly. This counseling has to be done deliberately for the differences to be drawn out and resolved. It is the job of counselor to open up the closed communication channels, as this will help the couple to improve their relationship exponentially.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy has to be resorted to by the counselor at times. This is of importance as the warring couple, at times, would not be frank about their relationship in the presence of the spouse.

Group counseling and psychotherapy can be used along with individual and couple therapy. In this, the couple individually, as well as together, are grouped with others facing similar problems. There are various group discussions as well as lectures organized. This helps couples come out with their problems in front of others and to know that they are not the only couples facing such tension. The work of a marriage or relationship counselor is usually to help the couple communicate and develop feelings for each other. They help the couple to explore ways to stay together in a positive and fulfilling manner. Finally, if all of this does not work and the couple can not manage to solve their problems, the counselor can help them to have an agreeable and civil separation.

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