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Teen Relationships

Teen relationships are common in today's world. Adolescence is the most important stage for youngsters to make their future colorful and to become responsible citizens in society. It is also an age where most teens are attracted to various relationships. Most people consider the word 'relationship' as love or sexual relationship. But a relationship simply means any connection between two or more elements, such as human beings. Teen relationships can be of many types ? between teens of the same gender, between teens of the opposite gender, and the one linking teens and other persons of the same or different gender and age. Teen relationships give youngsters a chance to know and experience realities of life for the first time.

Teen relations can vary into different kinds, but broadly come under two categories, teen friendships and teen love relationships. A teenage friendship can be developed with anyone, no matter what the gender or age. Teenage friendships have given way to many successful love relationships. Teen love relationships contain more mutual expectations and more intimate emotions. They can go further into marriage and can be long lasting companionships in many cases. But one who goes into a teen love or sexual relationship should be aware about legally defined limitations.

One of the large scale problems that occur in teen relationships is violence. It results in long term trauma and psychological damage. Various teen relationships have ended up in abusive relationships, leading to domestic violence. One of the major factors that occur in such relationships is bullying, including playground bullying, sexual harassment, gang attacks, dating violence and elder abuse. Many teen relationships have finally landed up in juvenile courts. Today, there are privately and publicly funded programs across the United States that educate the public about teen relationships. This is to ensure that relationship abuse does not reach criminal justice agencies.

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