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Meet Single Parents

Dating for single parents can, at times, be depressing, disappointing and apparently hopeless. However, the picture is not as bleak as it is made out to be. The single most decisive factor in two strangers clicking with each other is if they share something in common. In that case, there can be no greater base for a stable relationship than sharing the pleasures of parenthood.

If you are a single parent, one of the best things about meeting other single parents is that they know what you bring to the plate. The commitments you share would be common. Driving children to music lessons, helping them in their studies, and attending their soccer games is the adhesive that bonds you not only with your partnerís children, but with your partner as well. The association that begins when you first meet another single parent will ultimately grow into a unique bond for both of you.

It is hallucinatory to think that having parenthood as the only common factor will sustain the relationship for long. Other things are needed as well; however, parenthood is a great way to build trust, and trust is the foundation of any flourishing partnership. Provided you and your partner have trust, your relationship will last, notwithstanding the relations between your respective children. Their going to different schools and having different sets of friends and different values will not be as great a problem as perceived.

It's alluring and perhaps inevitable to let your initial venture into the dating world of single parents get influenced by what your respective children have to say. However, dating single parents should keep in mind that, ultimately, the decision of investing in one another lies with them. Chances are, if attitudes match and you really hit it off, your children will fall into line.

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