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Love Worth Finding

All our lives, our minds are filled with the mystery of love. We go on searching—some feel that they have failed miserably and others still continue on the quest, thinking that such failures are but obstacles to be tackled. But the eternal question is, “How do we know if it is the love worth finding?”

What we know about this unending search is that you are looking for something permanent—something that would last. Forever? Is there even such a thing? In fact, there is. It is rare, but it does exist.

A professor of mine once told me, “Love is 100%--50% for you and 50% for your partner.” And it has to happen at the right time, right place and instance for it to work. If it does not, then the couple should separate and try to fill in those percents lacking for their 50. And when those 50%’s are complete, they will meet again and this time, it will work. The only problem is lovers have so little faith. They try and try to make things work out when it is not yet the time. This is what causes everything to be chaotic. They are so scared of losing each other that they force things to work when all they really have to do is trust that someday, they will meet again.”

Your search for true love should not be limited to what society perceives as true love. We are but unique species, we have different needs and wants. Things work for each of us differently. You may fight everyday but by the end of each day, you lie down together, feeling contented.

In the end, the love worth finding is what works for you—what truly makes you glow from inside out. It does not matter where you found it. What matters is, it is the love worth going through every single earthly version of heaven and hell for… the type that makes you want to wake up each morning just so you can thank God for letting you find one another in this crazy, twisted world.

Knowing what to find is one thing, actually knowing where to find it is another. The truth is, you will never know. That is why we have to take chances. We cannot expect to find true love just by sitting in one corner waiting for it to come along. We have to seek it. And with the wide array of things available for us online, who knows, maybe love is just also one click away.

Robert Johannsen MA is a psychology and freelance author living in British Columbia. His popular Ebook, Proven Secrets for Attracting your Soulmate has helped people find that special someone since 2000.

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