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Lessons of Adversity

What does not kill us makes us stronger. Just about everyone at one time or another has heard that saying. If not, you just have.

Everyone in this world will face or has faced some type of adversity in their lives in one form or the other. I know I have gone through my share especially a nightmare episode that lasted almost 6 months over a devastating lie that to this day I still do not have all the answers other than that I was able to prove myself truthful and completely innocent.

After coming through this nightmare it truly did give me a new focus on life and my family and the direction I wanted my life to take.

What adversity teaches you, as it did me, was that what you truly need to focus on in your life. What needs to be put as priority. Those daily little annoyances that you use to dwell on are not really annoying after all and longer a factor at all.

Adversity teaches you that you need to take action constantly in your life. If you desire change in your life you need to take action, nothing is going to change for you unless you first change your self and that takes focused action everyday.

Adversity shows you how when one door closes another one will open, you just need to keep your eyes opened to see it. Once you have lived through your adversity you realize that life's daily problems are no longer really problems but opportunities for you to improve something in your life.

As mentioned earlier, once you come through your adversity, you are now stronger emotionally and you realize that if you can over come what you just went through you now know that you can now handle anything that comes your way and you can now go after your dreams without fear.

You now realize that any obstacles that you will come across in pursuit of your dreams are nothing more but mere bumps in the road compared to your past adversities. You now have the strengths and capabilities to handle anything that comes your way and your confidence will grow and your self-esteem will soar.

Most of all, adversity teaches us how to be extremely grateful. After over coming your adversity, especially if it was severe, you now have a strong and deep appreciation for every thing that is in your life.

From all the adversity you have faced so far in your life, if you have not done so already, take just a small moment to reflect on what you learned from it then put it behind you. Do not dwell on it any longer. Remember what you focus on soon becomes your dominant thoughts and we want our dominant thoughts on the positive things in our lives.

Also with every adversity you face, you learn something from it. Just as Napoleon Hill stated, "every adversity carriers with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

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