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Dare I speak of love again? With only a whisper, a wink or grin. Hush your roars of love divine. Shout with the voice of rue and whine. I’ve seen your heart beating which opened my eyes. A love for me that never dies. I heard your words so eloquently said. With fear and trembling these are the words that you said.

“Hush my love as I sing you a song, walk with me as the day is long. Hush my love listen to the birds flap their wings. My love soars for you natural like a running spring. Hush my love as I hold your hand and weigh our oneness and make future plans. Hush my love be silent as I pray for us. As I embrace your feelings. As I gain your trust. Now Dare I speak of love again? Yes I will, love is my best friend…

Have you ever been in love? Who or what was the object of you affection. Have you told that special someone that you love them today? If so how did they respond? Love demands a response. If you love me then say so. Poetry is my expression of love to the world. Although poetry often time rhymes, the best echo is a response to the emotions Show in words that paint pretty pictures of our hopes and dreams.

Puppy love has its place but real love and commitment comes after the honeymoon is over. Love says I’m going to hang in there. In spite of. In some relationships the honeymoon never ends. Now that's love.

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