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How to Meet Sexy Single Women With Your Cellular Phone While on the Road

Do you have a cellular phone in your car? Did you know you can use it to meet sexy single women while you're on the road? Here's how you do it:

  • While driving around, look for single women talking on their cellular phone that you are attracted to.

  • Pull up next to them and hold up your cellular phone and wave it at her.

  • When you get her attention hold this sheet of paper (8 1/2 x 11) next to your window ( It says in big bold red letters, "Hi, I'm Don - Call Me at 488-6866."

  • Hopefully, she will call you while she's on the road and you can meet at a restaurant for a cup of coffee.

I know this may seem like a silly way to meet sexy single women on the road, but you never know, you just might get lucky and women will admire you for such a clever way to try and meet them.

In closing, always keep your piece of paper, asking them to call you in your car for highway usage. Also, you can always flash your sign to single women you are attracted to on the road who don't have a cellular phone. They just might write your number down and call you.

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