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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse - The Pros And Cons Of Spying On Your Spouse

So you are suspecting that your spouse may be cheating on you. You are a grown up and decide to stay calm and not use any violence. You decide not to let your spouse know you are suspecting him/her and you are ready to make a plans to spy on him/her and make sure he/she is really cheating on you. You still have hope that maybe it is your imagination playing tricks on you.

Would you like to know the advantages and disadvantages of spying on your spouse? Here they are:

Advantages of spying on your spouse:
- You are going to learn the truth. At last. No more lies from your spouse, no more stupid excuses, no more doubts. Just pure truth.
- You can catch them in the act. Yes, this is hard/strong evidence. It's the proof you are looking for and the best way to get it is by spying on him/her.
- Trust. This is a strong word. And trust between couples is really important. Trust should be mutual. But how can you be sure that your spouse deserves your trust? But, by spying on him/her of course.
- Spying on your spouse is the best way to end the affair. Your spouse made a mistake and comes begging you to let him/her come back. You could save your marriage/relationship and stay on top of the situation.

Disadvantages of spying on your spouse:
- It's the best way to discover that truth hurts sometimes. Well, everybody hurts..sometimes!
- Your spouse may catch you while spying on him/her and this can be really frustrating. After all, your strategy was to never let your spouse know you are spying on him/her until you discover strong evidence.
- Trust. What if your spouse is loyal and there's no affair going on? He/she will know you didn't trust him/her and feel deeply betrayed.
- Spying on your spouse is the best way to end your marriage. Remember there's still chance that your spouse is loyal. And spying on them for no reason could trigger strange reactions. So, watch out!

Conclusion: Make sure there are enough indications of your spouse cheating on you before spying on him/her. Good Luck!

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