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Does Finding Your Soulmate Mean Bliss

Does finding a soul mate necessarily ensure perfect happiness for the rest of your life? We shall try to answer this question in a manner as unbiased as possible in the lines that follow.

The seemingly endless search for your ideal match has finally come to an end and you’ve just identified the perfect soul mate. Ever wondered what happens after this? What exactly is your perception of life with your perfect soul mate? Absolute and pure bliss possibly, for the rest of your lives; possibly the much clichéd ending line of ‘……and they lived happily ever after’. It might surprise you that this need not necessarily be the case, always.

Blame it on the old saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ or the trials and tribulations that day to day life brings along with it, the original ‘rosy’ picture you would have formed of life as a whole does tends to fade as time goes by. What were aspects about your partner that you used to find very attractive would slowly lose its innovative charm and begin to seem ordinary; small actions might begin to irritate rather than amuse you and there begins the separateness and distance.

The intrusions from either family can prove to be another possible source of trouble. The kind of challenges that daily life in today’s world offers in itself is fit to shake the emotionally strongest of people; in such situations, the smallest of negative influences by external factors can have serious effects on relationships. Consider a nagging set of inlaws who want to ensure that their grand child is brought up as per their ideals of ‘correct upbringing’, or an over enthusiastic neighbor who interferes in just about any matter between yourself and your spouse. The delicate balance of harmony that is probably being struck between you and your partner with a lot of careful planning can be jeopardized by the most trivial vibes that it gets from just about anyone who intend to disrupt it, either knowingly or unknowingly.

It is therefore up to you and your soul mate to ensure that things sail smoothly between the two of you irrespective of what happens around you. Maturity thus, comes with the ability to take the thorns along with the roses and move on in life. As each tough phase in life passes by, the importance of sticking with each other through thick and thin begins to dawn on you, and this in turn will help make each moment, one to cherish. After all, your gut instinct that told you that ‘This is the one for me’ the moment you saw the first glimpse of your soul mate can seldom go wrong.

Robert Johanssen is a psychologist and author. Visit his website for tips, info and articles on how to find your soulmate

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