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Christian Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counseling offers assistance to a married couple on the basis of Christian values and principles. The curriculum of a Christian marriage counseling program generally uses powerful Biblical themes together with proven practical skills. It helps married couples having troubled relationships understand each another and god better. Christian marriage counseling helps the couple obey the commandments and other principles of the scriptures, and submit themselves completely to the will of God.

Churches and pastoral counselors provide Christian marriage counseling. It can be helpful at any stage of the marriage and even before the marriage. It is always better to seek the help of marriage counseling services at the beginning stage itself. Christian marriage counseling mainly involves three things - dealing with problems such as communication failure, handling common issues that spoil a relationship, and bringing back godly marriage principles to the wedlock. Christian marriage counseling reminds the couples of the sanctity of the marital commitment and helps in refocusing their lives. The Christian counselor enlightens the partners on the word of god and helps find solutions to various problems and issues. He teaches that that true marriage is not a mere contract between a man and a woman, and that true marriages take place only in Jesus Christ.

Many Christian marriage counseling programs employ research-based curriculum that combines skills and education to help couples strengthen and sustain their marriage. Most Christian marriage counseling programs teach the couple the foundations of a Christian marriage. A number of agencies conduct Christian workshops and seminars also to supplement other Christian marriage counseling programs.

A Christian marriage counseling program is the best bet when the couples face problems connected with how to raise the children or one of the partners has problems with cocaine or alcohol. Christian marriage counseling services are available in person or by phone.

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