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Christian Marriage Advice - What A Christian Marriage Seminar Or Christian Marriage Retreat Can Do!

Are you looking for Christian marriage advice? Well, you came to the right place. I want to first start off by encouraging you that it is not too late, no matter how far down you may be. The sad fact is that you are reading this more than likely because you are hurting and in pain. Let me reassure you that God cares and He has a plan for you and your marriage. Do not forget that He said, "I know the plans I have for you..." Perhaps you are feeling desperate and looking for a Christian marriage retreat or a Christian marriage seminar. Let me say that there is a lot out there to choose from.

Both options can be very helpful.

Be careful with the Christian marriage advice you get because not everyone that calls them self a Christian is in fact a believer. Make sure that whatever Christian marriage advice you do get lines up with the Word of God. At the bottom of the page I give a recommendation of someone that has helped many Christian Marriages succeed. He has a great deal of experience and his education is marked by a Doctorate of Theology and he also holds a PhD. His program offers an 8 week guarantee so you might want to check it out. Regardless, of what you do to save your marriage I want to applaud you for not giving up. Hang in there because God can do great things with very difficult circumstances. He may use a Christian Marriage seminar or a Christian marriage retreat or perhaps He may use the resource at the bottom of the page.

Let me leave you with this Christian marriage advice: He parted the Red Sea. He made the sun to stand still. He made a way for His creation to come back to Him by coming into the world. If those things are true (they are) then can't He also save your marriage no matter what you have been through?

If you would like real help with your marriage from a Christ Centered approach I recommend


Steve Feltrip is an evangelist and minister of the gospel. He has seen God work on his own marriage and continues to seek His help on a daily basis.

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