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Christian Dating and Desperate Singles

Christian dating among single Christians can sometimes be categorized under the heading of what we call "desperation dating." Have you ever met Christian dating singles with this problem. I once attended a Christian singles group where the vast majority of the people there were desperate to find a Christian date. Do you know any singles like this?

Desperate dating can occur for a number of reasons. Some singles do so out of loneliness and a lack of contentment. Some others see their friends getting married off, and become afraid of being alone and single for the rest of their lives.

Desperate dating is not cool because more often than not, desperate dating ends in painful disaster for the Christian single. On top of all of this, a desperate dater is simply unattractive to the opposite sex.

Do you exhibit signs of a desperate dater?

  • Dating someone outside of God's will. For example, dating an unbeliever.

  • Settling for someone with qualities you would never even have considered a year or two ago

  • Changing or compromising your beliefs, likes and dislikes only to please your dating partner

  • Needing constant reassurance from your date that you are worthwhile
If you display one of more of these signs, you are more than likely a desperate dater. Most Christians who are into desperate dating have somehow gotten their priorities out of whack. What is the remedy? As my one Christian friend used to say, you can't be dating desperately and waiting on the Lord at the same time.

David Butler, the author of this article, is a Christian minister to singles, and has a website, Christian Dating Service PLUS, geared toward their dating and spiritual needs.

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