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Black Custom Wheels

What's Hot in custom wheels? Wheel diameters keep getting bigger and bigger, SUV's in particular are now running 28 to 30 inches. Even Honda owners are asking for 19s these days. However, have you noticed all the Black Wheels that manufacturers are offering today? Have you noticed how many black wheels are now seen on cars, trucks and SUV's. Especially on Trucks and SUV's. Call it redefining beauty or what ever you like, black rims are hot!

Manufacturers often describe black wheels in the following manner: painted black, chrome and black, gloss black, matte black, flat black, powder coated black, satin black, charcoal, hyper black, iridium black, black with a machine lip, black paint with polished stainless lip, black with a diamond cut face, chrome with black spoke caps, chrome with black inserts, carbon, graphite, anthracite, and black chrome. However, black and hyper black are the most popular descriptions used by manufacturers.

Black wheels are usually painted black and clear coated. Hyper black is a powder coated process that adds much more depth to a custom wheel. The powder coated process is usually done in several steps until the face of the wheel has a bright black luster. Anthracite is a form of coal that has a high luster and custom wheels with this finish resembles a chunk of this type of coal. Black chrome has both a shiny and reflective finish and is very similar to chrome

The number of wheel choices available these days can be mind boggling! If you are looking for something different for your car, truck or SUV then take a little time to look at all the different black custom wheels on the market today. Especially wheels that are chrome and black or black wheels with a machined face.

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