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Arkansas Marriage License Requirements

In order to get married or obtain a marriage license in the state of Arkansas you must first apply for one and secondly obtain it. So below I have listed the regulations and laws for obtaining a marriage license in the state of Arkansas.

You will need a valid picture identification card. You will need to bring your birth certificate. If you do not have a birth certificate available then you will need to bring at least 3 forms of identification that have your name and birth date on them.

Both the bride and the groom must appear in order to apply for the marriage license.

You do not have to reside in the state of Arkansas to receive your marriage license.

There are no waiting period to receive your license.

You must pay a cash only fee of $35.00 to obtain your marriage license.

You do not have to take any blood tests.

If you are under the age of 18 you must obtain consent from both sets of parents.

Any regularly ordained minister or priest of any religious sect or denomination may perform marriages. Ministers must have their ordination credentials filed by the county clerk who will then issue a certificate to the minister. The marriage license must be completed by the minister and returned to the county clerk within 60 days from the date the license was issued.

When you purchase your marriage license it is only valid for 60 days. Also you can only use the license in the state of Arkansas.

These are the current laws and regulations. Please note that laws usually change. So do not take this article as legal advice. You should always call your local county clerk and cofirm the information above.

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